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Look Great, Feel Great!

I realized I haven’t posted anything yet after my first blog… I guess, it’s about time to reincarnate this page…  Woke up this morning feeling great… another dreamless night for me… I wanted to sleep more, but I know made some stretching for my joints and muscles, had a fruity-licious breakfast and relaxing, warm bath…  I had to be early ‘coz I plan to give my car an off and just head to the office by foot.

My office day went on as usual – busy. That’s the main reason why I have an alarm clock on my desk for me not to forget important meetings (unfortunately, I can’t afford to have my own secretary yet, not even a virtual secretary LOL), taking my lunch break, and so on. I normally leave the office at 3:30 and be home at 3:15. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I go to the gym, while on Tuesdays and Thursday I spend my afternoon swimming. Weekends are normally spent on tennis court. Although I’ve experienced different injuries from playing tennis, I can’t give that up… I mean, it’s my first love…  Anyways, I am trying to be more careful now as I don’t want any muscle or joint pains ever again!

I know that the title of this post is a bit girlish, but its true. That was the first thing that came up to my mind. I know I look great and I am feeling great. I gotta keep this good thought every single day… It can attract positive energy.

I hope I will find time to write a post again soon. 🙂